Immortalize Your Memories

We all remember the night that we were initiated, passed, and raised into our wonderful fraternity.  Each event was significant and left us with thoughts and memories that will never be forgotten.  We established new friendships, gained a real understanding of what being a Mason really meant and solidified our belief in God – it was truly special.

The Canton Masonic Association is pleased to announce a new annual fundraiser, “The Perfect Ashlar Guild”, which will provide each of us the opportunity to immortalize those memories by contributing to the efforts of preserving and improving our Temple and establishing an endowment fund which will help to ensure our future for generations to come.

The annual campaign is structured in four categories with specific contribution levels as shown below:

  • Entered Apprentice – a contribution of $250
  • Fellowcraft – a contribution of $500
  • Master Mason – a contribution of $1000
  • Legacy Society – requires that the Canton Masonic Association be named in your will with a letter sent to the Association specifying the same

A pledge form has been included in this publication and is also available at the Temple and provides for contributions of cash, checks, credit cards, or appreciated stock.  Knowing that not everyone can afford to contribute one lump sum, you can contribute monthly via credit card by specifying this option on the Pledge Form.  You, or other relatives of Brothers who have passed to the Celestial Lodge above, can also honor our departed Brothers by designating them on the Pledge Form – what a great way to be remembered.

Contributors, unless one wishes to remain anonymous, will be published in this publication and will also be displayed on the newly installed flat-screen television at the rear entrance of the Temple.  Please join us in immortalizing our memories and safeguarding the future of where it all began.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the members of your Association Board:

Jim Abbott, Gary Dressler, Raza Fayyaz, Paul Feaser, George German, Gust Goutras, Larry Groves, Eric Muehlenbein, and Bill Stratton

Thank you in advance for immortalizing your memories.